Welcome To The New Era


A Global Change

The lotus project foundation is a transformational and evolving informational platform for the advancement of humanity.

There are five phases . They will be introduced according to the needs and current state of humanity’s progression.

The initial blueprint will serve as a model for global services for the development of humanity as a sovereign integral.

For the New Sovereign world created in Love and brought here from CREATION

Phase I

Phase II

Transitional phase

Phase III

Phase IV

Phase V

Sovereign Child

We know, recognize, and acknowledge that ALL begins with our children, and the well-being of the children is our priority. To bring them to wholeness, providing an oasis to care, protect and heal our children is of the utmost importance.  Our children are our future, which is a vital and true reality towards evolving, healing and advancing humanity in complete sovereignty.

A Phase II

Conscious Child

Allows the children to bring forth their innate abilities that are related to science, technology and engineering without boundaries.

From this space humanity will begin to recognize the importance and value of our children’s vital role in our future. The children are advanced beings and with full recognition have come to this world to share their wisdom with humanity

Through advanced science, technology and elevated consciousness, humanity will live longer and healthier lives; their everyday life struggles will diminish, and complete sovereignty will flourish. From this stage humanity will evolve to intergalactic communications and exchange.

Conscious Transformation

The Lotus Project, Phase I and II, is the catalyst for Phase III. Phase II is the transitional process of acceptance and interaction to ignite a free and open connection to communicate with intergalactic civilizations for exchange and travel.

Sovereign World

Will be known as the “Living Library.” The Living Library is an open interactive source of information center on technology, culture, science, medicine and much more: a library, data center, and exchange with intergalactic civilizations.

Upon reaching Phase III, there will be no need to continue with Phase I. This will be due to man’s rise in consciousness and established communication and travel with intergalactic civilizations. During this process Phase IV will be introduced.


Newly Activated Human

Referred to as, the new Human 3.0. At this point humanity has elevated its consciousness and learned how to activate the total functional use of the organic DNA physical vessel. Humanity will be in admiration at its marvel. With advanced consciousness and the activation of the DNA organic vessel, creation will take on a whole new form for creation and exploration. 

Creators In Creation

Once Phase III is fully anchored and navigational humanity will explore into Phase V.

With the advancement of humanity in all areas of life/existence, humanity will be ready to carve out and explore into creating ALL new species, new consciousness, new holographic world to assist with their evolutionary process into consciousness.  So a new cycle of life begins in creation.

Hi, I am mozhgan

I have known about The Lotus Project from a very young age. I knew there were sequences of events that needed to take place before The Lotus Project was to be revealed to the world. I just didn’t know when. However, I knew when I recalled all the details of all phases, it was the arrival of great change for humanity, the world, and earth. The Great Awakening. The introduction to the new era, new science, math, physics, medicine and much more. When all the phases were shown to me with event sequences, I created the first website in 2019. With the reveling of The Lotus Project, it is another confirmation for mankind’s greatest achievement.

Children are our future. Their personal freedom ignites a deep sovereign path & healing for the rest of humanity.

Why The Lotus Project

It is an introduction to a new juncture point and new mastery with all new levels of consciousness; integration of science and spirituality utilized by advanced technology; a whole new mastery for humanity with new levels of consciousness creating all new levels of consciousness. This level of consciousness will be revealed through advanced organic technology for betterment of humanity.

New Era

Consciousness to awaken seeds of divinity. Technology follows Consciousness. New Human will emerge. Technology will introduce ALL new areas in arts, science, math, and physics, medicine, religion etc.


Introduction to new mastery through new levels of consciousness. Realization through integration of science and spirituality as One Source consciousness through advanced technology. The new human creates ALL new neural pathways, accessing innate abilities, tapping into Infinite potentials with infinite possibilities. When connected to the Infinite Field EVERYTHING changes.


Introduction of new earth ecology, flora and fauna. New methods of communication with all sentient life forms. Introduction of new sentient life.


Introduction to a new Heart-line Business, Economy, Government and Financial System.


Introduction to a new world of Equality, Balanced, Integrity, and Honor for ALL.

The conscious use of technology will provide for a better way of life and for greater advancements for humanity.