Welcome to Phase II

The Center for the Conscious Child
Exploration & New Inventions into Science, Math, Physics, Astronomy, Technology, and Medicine

The center will provide the opportunity for the gifted children to bring forth technology from worlds of their galactic origins and share this technology for the advancement of the human race. These gifts of technology will assist, expand and accelerate human consciousness for humanity’s evolution.
Mozhgan Naghipour’s vision is to support each child in a safe environment where children are free to explore, experiment, and create

“. . . as adults we must remember that we are living in a world borrowed from our children’s future.”
A. Breytenbach


The children will have access to a state-of-the-art laboratory with top-of-the-line equipment, as well as scientists who will mentor and assist the gifted children to acquire resources to design, test and build the components that they have built on other planets and in other universes. These individual components from each child will eventually come together to form something that is far greater than those individual parts.
There will be multiple interactive facilities around the world where the children can network and share with each other globally. Although there will be scientists who will be mentoring the children, it will be a child-centered space where they can freely initiate and develop projects.

Currently, humanity is not able to utilize all the benefits from the advanced technology of the organic human body.

How It Works


Physical technology will come in through the children so that people will not be overwhelmed. Each child will bring in a different component of the organic technology to a physical and tangible technological experience for humanity to explore, see, feel, and touch and know its function. By such tangible experiences they will gain knowledge of possibilities and availability. Through these technologies their consciousness is elevated, activating their dormant DNA.

Once these technologies are built and perfected, this technology will be a gentle bridge to a new dimension of many amazing gifts for the overall betterment of humanity. With the confirmation and validation of the human scientific community, people will begin to open to the transformative power of this technology.
Individuals will expand and integrate what the human form can do when their consciousness is brought to a higher level of awareness through the gifts the children are here to share.
Humankind can then begin to accept into their lives their own expansive and capable consciousness growth without hesitation, and evolve into the civilization that is meant to be.

The advancements for humanity that will come from this center will be beyond miraculous. And so, we are excited and look forward to your participation in this galactic adventure that is destined to help cultivate the advancement of planet earth.