We’d like to invite you into the foundational development of The Lotus Project, Phase I. We have lovingly crafted the design of this project to resemble a lotus flower, as shown in the adjacent photo.

The center of this flower will be an open expansive three-story space.  The first floor will house a large indoor/outdoor kitchen where all the meals for the children will be joyfully prepared by both children and adults.  We have a large walk-in refrigerator that will have external access from which the children can acquire food and snacks at all times. The two outdoor kitchen islands are specially built for their exclusive use to create their own sandwiches and snacks.

Our children will be able to gather and exchange stories while sharing meals with one another in the indoor/outdoor seating and lounging areas.

We offer three restroom stalls, one being wheelchair-accessible, on the outer sides of the first floor.  Adjacent to the stalls, hand-washing stations are placed conveniently for their use. It is also to be used after play for pre or post meals.

Leading up to the second floor of the Lotus Center is a staircase that will take you into a space dedicated to faculty, staff, volunteers, guest speakers, and members of the Lotus team.  This floor will have 360 degrees of retractable glass to ensure the children always feel seen and heard throughout their stay.  This floor also includes a 360-degree outer deck where one can breathe in the fresh air provided by the vast number of trees, plants, and flowers enveloping all the structures.

As we move out from the center, you will find the children’s living quarters, which represent the petals of the lotus flower.  Here each child will have his/her fully furnished room with a shared restroom between them that will have two toilets, a shower, and two sinks.

As we move further out from the center, the housing for the children will expand with the same shared restrooms between the children’s rooms.

We are sharing with you the most important parts of The Lotus Project, Phase I. Included in Phase I are the primary areas that will provide a sense of security and direction for our children. These areas include, but are not limited to: a garden for the children to grow their own fruits and vegetables; green pasture and barn, housing a variety of animals; an indoor/outdoor recreation area, which includes a basketball/volleyball, dance studio; a state-of-the-art music room; an arts and crafts studio; and many more areas where the children can explore their innate abilities and CREATE freely and comfortably.